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Siding, Lattice and Lattice Cap

Siding, Lattice and Lattice Cap
Product Name Dimension(mm) Use
Treated Channel 17 x 140 Outer Wal
Japanese Cedar Channel 17 x 140 Inner & Outer Wall
Log Siding 36 x 135
Log Siding 36 x 180
Bevel Siding 19 x 185 Outer Wal
Treated Lattice 14t x 1220 x 2440 Fence Making
Partition Making
Treated Lattice 20t x 1220 x 2440
Lattice Cap 14t, 20t 용
  • The places of production : the US, Canada, Sweden
  • Kinds of tree : HEM/FIR, RED PINE

Daihyun Wood Co., Ltd. has been growing as the company specializing in wood business over the last two decades. The company that began importing and selling hardwood is now producing and distributing the materials for wooden housing. The management staff who have worked long in the lumber industry have a lot of experience and knowledge, and have the ability and human resources to respond to environmental changes in the global lumber market in various ways, such as overseas work in Russia.

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